Tour Grade Guide

We want all of our customers to feel thoroughly satisfied at the end of each day – without feeling too tired by the mileage, the driving, or the weather, but feeling like they had an awesome day. We've put together a chilli rating system to help you choose a four wheel drive tour that suits your abilities.

Our tours range from chilli, to  chillies, and are based on a combination of distance, terrain, difficulty, remoteness and weather that you will encounter on each tag along tour. The main benefit of this grading guide is to provide you with an overall indicator to compare one tour against another.

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Tour Grade Guide
Easy Suitable for anyone who can drive on a gravel road. There might be the odd twisty section and a long day, but on the whole - easy!
Moderate For the weekend four wheel driver who goes for a weekend drive on gravel roads or trails at home. Your vehicle will need normal 4WD ground clearance and low range.
Active Suitable for people who are confident off-road drivers. Longer days mainly on gravel, with potentially forest trails, sand, water crossings, but no difficult hill climbs. There may be some rutted hills, but not too many. Your vehicle will need normal 4WD ground clearance and low range.
Challenging Longer days and tougher terrain requiring specific experience of more demanding and technical driving.  The routes can contain rough tracks and deep sand. Your vehicle will need normal 4WD ground clearance, low range, winch, heavy duty suspension and long range fuel tanks. Not a camper trailer friendly tour.
Tough Serious expeditions designed for serious off road drivers, which are either very remote or very long hard tours.  Not a camper trailer friendly tour.

Still not sure which tour is for you?

Haven’t ever driven off road? Not sure if you can handle more than 4hrs a day driving? Only have a very basic 4WD?  We suggest: (Easy) (Moderate)

You go on gravel tracks frequently and off road on the weekends, but have never driven across a desert? Have the vehicle setup nicely for off road and enjoy a challenge?  (Active) (Challenging)

Have done some serious off road driving.  Have a 4WD with some upgrades, a winch and long range tanks?  (Challenging)(Tough)

Apart from the chilli andchilli tours, we can teach you everything you need to know while on tour. You can take a standard high clearance 4WD vehicle without any modifications.

Hope that helps.