CSR Well


AU $19500

123 Days



14th May 2019

AU $19500

123 Days


14th May 2019




10 / 90

260 km

6 - 10 Vehicles









GROUP SIZE - 6-10 Vehicles





  • Old Telegraph Track
  • Bush Camps
  • Fishing
  • Northernmost Tip of Australia
  • Bloomfield Track
  • WW2 Wrecks
  • Starke Track
  • Lions Den Hotel
  • Weipa Tour
  • Eliott/Twin Falls
  • Simpson Desert
  • Birdsville Pub
  • Gunbarrel Highway
  • Ayers Rock
  • Lambert Centre
  • Poeppel Corner
  • Dalhousie Hot Springs
  • Gibson Desert
  • The French Line
  • Carnegie Station
  • The Olgas
  • London Bridge
  • Big Red
  • Kings Canyon
  • Canning Stock Route section
  • Hamlin Pool Stromatolites
  • Glen Helen Gorge
  • Chambers Pillar
  • Burke & Wills Dig Tree
  • Welcome dinner
  • Farewell dinner
  • 24 more evening meals
  • Accredited guide with senior first aid
  • Bush showers & toilet facilities where water is available
  • 4WD Backup vehicle
  • UHF Radio & Satellite phone
  • Comprehensive first aid kit
  • National Park permits and camping fees
  • BBQ plate at each camp
  • Licensed and Accredited tour operator


This is the Big One. A full lap of Australia, zigzagging to get to all the most interesting parts of Australias Outback. What more can we say. "This trip goes everywhere thats worth going."



14th May, 2019




Extra Adult: $3950                              Extra Child: $2900

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Day 1.

Byron Bay to Goondiwindi 392km (C D R)

Day 2.

Goondiwindi to Cunnamulla 340km (C M R)

Day 3.

Cunnamulla to Quilpie 394km (C M R)

Day 4.

Quilpie to Cordillo 360km (B)

Day 5.

Cordillo to Birdsville 320km (C D R)

Day 6.

Birdsville to Diamantina 387km (B)

Day 7.

Diamantina to Winton 452km (C M R)

Day 8.

Winton to Black Braes 357km (B)

Day 9.

Black Braes to Undara 220km (C M R)

Day 10.

Undara to Cairns 301km (C M R)

Day 11.

Cairns Free Day (C M R)

Day 12.

Cairns Free Day (C M R)

Day 13.

Cairns to Chillagoe 205km (C D R)

Day 14. 

Chillagoe to Maytown (B)

Day 15. 

Maytown to  Jowalbinna (C M R)

Day 16. 

Jowalbinna to Musgrave Station (C M R)

Day 17. 

Musgrave Station to Merluna Station (C D R)

Day 18. 

Merluna Station to Weipa (C M R)

Day 19. 

Weipa to Bramwell Station (C M R)

Day 20. 

Bramwell Station to Captain Billy Landing (B)

Day 21. 

Captain Billy Landing to Eliott / Twin Falls (C)

Day 22. 

Eliott / Twin Falls to Loyalty Beach (C D R)

Day 23. 

Loyalty Beach - Free Day (C M R)

Day 24. 

Loyalty Beach (C D R)

Day 25. 

Loyalty Beach to Nolans Brook (B)

Day 26. 

Nolans Brook to Eliott / Twin Falls (C)

Day 27. 

Elott / Twin Falls to Dulhunty River (B)

Day 28. 

Dulhunty River to Moreton Station (C)

Day 29. 

Morton Station to Coen (C D R)

Day 30. 

Coen to Kalpowar Crossing (C)

Day 31. 

Kalpowar Crossing to Starke River (B)

Day 32. 

Starke River to Lions Den Hotel (C M R)

Day 33. 

Lions Den Hotel to Cairns (C D R)

Day 34.

Cairns - Free Day (C M R)

Day 35.

Cairns - Free Day (C M R)

Day 36.

Cairns to Undara Resort (C D R)

We meet in Cairns and after a briefing the first part of the trip is a short drive through town then up and over Kuranda Range to the tablelands. We wind our way west through the old gold mining area and then get onto the dirt road for the first part of the Adventure. We wind down the other side of the range and deep into cattle country. We arrive at Undara Resort just after lunch and after settling in we have a tour of the lava tubes. After the tour we all meet up again for a Welcome Dinner in the restaurant.

Day 37.

Undara Resort to Cobold Gorge (C M R)

After breakfast we carry on west along station roads and through small outback towns. Arriving at Cobold Gorge in the afternoon for a tour of this magnificent natural wonder.

Day 38.

Cobold Gorge to Normanton (B)

Our destination today is our first Bush Camp on the banks of the Norman River.

Day 39.

Normanton to Lawn Hill (C M R)

We have a big day ahead today as the roads start to deteriorate and we start to see some small river crossings. Continuing southwest we stop in at Leighardt Falls. Then onto our refuel point at Gregory Downs. As we continue west we drive into the afternoon sun and get to Adels Grove and the Lawn Hill National Park.

Day 40.

Lawn Hill to Surprise Creek (B)

We head off for an amazing drive and our first taste of real river crossings. Some quite deep. We cross a dozen or two water crossings today. Heading into Savannah country and once again heading north. Our first stop is at Hells Gate for a refuel then we continue to our lunch stop near the QLD – NT border. Now into the Northern Territory we continue along the Savannah Highway. If we get there early enough, our camp tonight is one of the best camp spots you will ever see. We even have our own waterfall. If there are already people there then the alternative spot isn’t too shabby either.

Day 41.

Surprise Creek to Lorella Springs (C R)

It’s hard to leave this campsite, but after another bush breakfast we head off early and continue north across numerous rivers to our refuel at Borroloola. On the way to our lunch spot on the Tawallah Range you’ll notice that the road deteriorates and becomes ideal for four wheel driving. After lunch we continue north and cross some big rivers. Our camp tonight is at Lorella Springs.

Day 42.

Lorella Springs Free Day (C R)

There’s a good chance of a barra for dinner tonight if we get a lure in the water before dark, but keep an eye out for the crocs.

Day 43.

Lorella Springs to Towns River (C)

If you haven't had any luck with the fishing then there is another chance in the afternoon as we setup camp on the banks of the Towns River.

Day 44.

Towns River to Mataranka (C D R)

We follow the Roper River west to the small community of Roper Bar. After a refuel and a short stint on the blacktop, we get to the oasis called Mataranka Homestead Resort.

Day 45.

Mataranka to Katherine Gorge (C M R)

Day 46.

Katherine Gorge to Gagadju Lodge (C M R)

Day 47.

Gagadju Lodge Free Day (C M R)

Day 48.

Gagadju Lodge to Bark Hut (C M R)

Day 49.

Bark Hut to Darwin (C D R)

Day 50.

Darwin to Sandy Creek Falls (C)

Day 51.

Sandy Creek Falls to Grove Hill (B)

Day 52.

Grove Hill to Victoria River (C D R)

Day 53.

Victoria River to Fig Tree Yard (B)

Day 54.

Fig Tree Yard to Kalkarinji (C)

Todays drive is something else. The whole day is spent on tight 4wd tracks. It’s rocky, sandy and muddy with heaps of river crossings. Today’s travel is first class.  We usually catch a Barra or 2 at our lunch spot so more than likely it will be fresh Barra on the BBQ tonight. As we continue south after lunch we are still driving some of the best tracks the NT has to offer before we get to our overnight camp at Kalkarinji and Barra for dinner.

Day 55.

Kalkarinji to Nicholson River (B)

After a morning stop for fuel and supplies at the Kalkarindji Community store we turn west on the Buntine Highway. The Buntine is one of the North’s great ‘Cattle Roads’. The driving today is very similar to day 3. We travel through vast tracts of grasslands. We are deep into the NT’s best Cattle Country. The driving today is a big change from yesterday. We get a chance to relax as we head into the afternoon sun, cross into Western Australia and our camp on the Nicholson River.

Day 56.

Nicholson River to Lake Argyle Village (C M R)

Day 57.

Lake Argyle Village to El Questro (C D R)

The destination today is the famous El Questro Station. We leave Lake Argyle and into Kununurra where you have some time to look around and provision with fresh produce and restock the beer. After a refuel we cross the massive Ord River and continue west on the blacktop for half an hour then hit the eastern end of Gibb River Road. A short blast on the corrugations and we arrive at El Questro.

Day 58.

El Questro - Free Day (C M R)

Day 59.

El Questro to Barnett River (C M R)

After a sleep in and breakfast we continue deep into the Kimberleys. The views are stunning and the river crossings are great fun. You will find yourself stopping all morning to take photo’s. The Kimberley region of Western Australia is breathtaking. We spend all day on the Gibb River Road before arriving at our camp spot on the banks of the Barnett River.

Day 60.

Barnett River to Windjarna Gorge (C)

Continuing west on the Gibb River road the King Leopold Ranges for some of the best views WA has to offer.

Day 61.

Windjarna Gorge to Camballin (B)

We continue south and head for Tunnel Creek. The creek has made a tunnel through the hill and if there isn’t to much water in the creek we can walk / swim from one end to the other.

Day 62.

Camballin to Banana Well (C)

Day 63.

Banana Well to Broome (C D R)

Day 64.

Broome - Free Day (C M R)

Day 65.

Broome - Free Day (C D R)

Day 66. 

Broome to Cambalin (B)

Day 67. 

Cambalin to Cherrabun (B)

Day 68. 

Cherrabun to Halls Creek (C D R)

Day 69. 

Halls Creek to Wolfe Creek Crater (B)

Day 70. 

Wolfe Creek Crater to Well 49 (B)

Day 71. 

Well 49 to Well 44 (B)

Day 72. 

Well 44 to Well 39 (B)

Day 73. 

Well 39 to Well 33 (B)

Day 74. 

Well 33 to Well 27 (B)

Day 75. 

Well 27 to Georgia Bore (B)

Day 76. 

Georgia Bore Free Day (B)

Day 77. 

Spare day (B)

Day 78. 

Georgia Bore to Durba Springs (B)

Day 79. 

Durba Springs Free Day (B)

Day 80. 

Durba Springs to Well 15 (B)

Day 81. 

Well 15 to Well 12 (B)

Day 82. 

Well 12 to Well 6 (B)

Day 83. 

Well 6 to Well 3 (B)

Day 84. 

Well 3 to Gunbarrel Laager (C D R)

Day 85. 

Gunbarrel Laager to Lake Moore (B)

Day 86. 

Lake Moore to Perth (C D R)

Day 87.

Fremantle - Free Day (C M R)

Day 88.

Fremantle - Free Day (C M R)

Day 89.

Fremantle - Free Day (C M R)

Day 90.

Fremantle - Free Day (C M R)

Day 91.

Fremantle - Free Day (C M R)

Day 92 

Fremantle to Ellendale Pool (C)

Day 93

Ellendale Pool to Hamlin Bay (C M R)

Day 94

Hamlin Bay to Hamlin Bay 314km (C D R)
After meeting for breakfast at Hamlin Bay and safety briefing we wind our way to the Western Most Point of Australia at Steep Point then back to our campsite at Hamlin Bay for our Welcome Dinner.

Day 95

Hamlin Bay to Murchison River 276km (B)
We continue further west into Western Australias rich gold mining belt and finish the day at Gunbarrel Laager where a hot shower and a lovely country home cooked dinner awaits us.

Day 96

Murchison River to Big Bell 256km (B)
We continue further west into Western Australias rich gold mining belt and finish the day at Gunbarrel Laager where a hot shower and a lovely country home cooked dinner awaits us.

Day 97

Big Bell to Gunbarrel Laager 220km (C M R)
As we travel further east we leave the goldfields behind and head into cattle country.

Day 98

Gunbarrel Laager to Carnegie Station 342km (B)
This is our first full day on the Gunbarrel Highway. We spend the day in cattle country. There is also plenty of wildlife on this stretch.

Day 99

Rest Day at Carnegie Station (C D R)
Today you have a chance to catch up on bits and pieces, do some laundry, join us on a station trip or just relax. We finish the day with a great meal at the station.

Day 100

Carnegie Station to Geraldton Bore 204km (B)
Our first day on the Gunbarrel Highway takes us deep into the Gibson Desert.

Day 101

Geraldton Bore to Heather Highway 158km (B)

Day 102

Heather Highway to Lake Christopher 376km (B)

Day 103

Lake Christopher to Yulara 421km (C D R)

Day 104

Yulara Free Day (C M R)

Day 105

Yulara to Kings Canyon 306km (C M R)

Day 106

Kings Canyon to Glen Helen Lodge 228km (C M R)

Day 107

Glen Helen Lodge to Alice Springs 128km (C D R)

Day 108

Alice Springs to Hale River Homestead 155km (C R)

Day 109

Hale River Homestead to Chambers Pillar 276km (B)

Day 110

Chambers Pillar to Lambert Centre 221km (B)

Day 111

Lambert Centre to Dalhousie Hot Springs 244km (B)

Day 112

Dalhousie Hot Springs to WAA Line 123km (B)

Day 113

WAA Line to Rig Road 74km (B)

Day 114

Rig Road to Knoll Track 82km (B)

Day 115

Knoll Track to Poeppel Corner 54km (B)

Day 116

Poeppel Corner to Birdsville 166km (C M R)

Day 117

Birdsville Races Free Day (C D R)

Day 118

Birdsville to Arrabury 292km (B)

Day 119

Arrabury to Thargomindah 445km (C M R)

Day 120

Thargomindah to Dirranbandi 369km (B)

Day 121

Dirranbandi to Goondiwindi 350km (C M R)

Day 122

Goondiwindi to Drake 250km (BMR)

Day 123

Drake to Byron Bay 250km (C D R)


B - Bush Camp
C - Campground
D - Dinner Provided
M - Meals Available (Own expense)
R - Rooms Available (Own expense)


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